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Support Moms & Babies

You're interested in maternal health, or maybe you've started your business - but you want to know how to make it successful, and support more mamas.

Find out more about running our successful mom and baby group classes, Growing Together, for yourself. Get done-for-you templates and support so you can provide information and practical guidance on infant development and play for babies, and self care and connection for moms, in your own group classes.


Support Your


Working in health and fitness is incredibly rewarding. We want to help people maximize their potential and get results. 

​But working with new parents can be hard. They have limited time, and new moms are coping with many changes to their body. Diastasis recti, prolapse and posture issues are common in this population. Have you wondered why postnatal clients may not return to your service, resulting in lost revenue? And how you can support these clients to meet their goals without picking up injuries?  


Stay Well While You Work

You spend all your time caring for others; but who is going to care for you so that you can do your job without getting injured?


You love working with children, and helping them to grow and develop everyday.  Childcare is a wonderful vocation, but it can also be very hard on the body. Professionals working in this field often report back, wrist and knee injuries. We need to stay healthy so we can best serve our clients, and also have a good quality of life outside of work. 

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