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Are you looking for free support to stay well, and care for yourself while you care for baby?

Do you want to connect with other new moms at our free group on

September 10th at 10.30am PST?

Join us to connect with other new moms (the group is aimed at moms with babies under 12 months, but all are welcome!) and get some tips on how to take care of yourself while you take care of baby.


I’ll also be sharing more information about the next series of my Growing Together mom and baby groups, which are run online. The current series of the group just finished a few weeks ago, and it was wonderful to see the connections develop within the group as the weeks went by - this is where moms are finding their village! 😍

Sign up below to get the group sign up details and your 

FREE Parenting Self Care Tips Sheet!

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Get your FREE Parenting Self Care Resource & Sign Up Information for Our FREE Group, Sept 10th at 10.30am

Thanks for joining us!

We promise not to spam you - we will send you occasional updates and information to help you in your parenting journey

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