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You're passionate about supporting new moms. You see it as your calling. Maybe your current job just doesn't light you up in the same way. You know that you want to start working in maternal health and wellness, or expand the services you already provide.

But how?


This was me. After the birth of my first daughter, I spent a lot of time thinking about how I could support new moms. But other than taking some (ok, lots of) continuing education courses, I didn't DO anything about it. Once I'd had my second daughter, and I started to attend mom and baby groups with her, I knew that had to change. I was tired of going to groups where there was little structure, inconsistent advice, and judgmental facilitators. I knew as an occupational therapist, I could do this better!

That's when Growing Together was born. My six week taught mom and baby class, which sold out on its first run! Moms needed what I was providing! With a mix of self care and connection for moms, and infant development and play for babies, along with a relaxed and non-judgmental feel, the group was an instant success - even during difficult economic times.

As an occupational therapist, we can often feel constrained by working within the medical model. Growing Together gives you the tools to use your OT skills with a client group that you are passionate about working with, and that desperately need your support! The done-for-you session templates, handouts and marketing strategies will mean that you walk away from this course with the ability to start running groups straight away. I walk you through the considerations for starting your group and help you to overcome the barriers that could trip you up. The information and resources contained within the course will also give you the ability to support clients in 1:1 sessions if you choose to, giving you extra value to add to your client sessions.

What's the investment for this course?

I'm currently looking for beta testers for Growing Together: The How-to Mom and Baby Group Guide for OTs. As a beta tester, you have access to the full course and resources, for the fraction of the cost! I'm looking for OTs who would be able to give me some feedback on the course and help me improve it. The value of the course is well over $500 with all the templates, group coaching calls, and information I'm packing into it; but for beta testers, this course is yours for:


I want to make it accessible to as many OTs as possible, so that we can start supporting more moms and babies to grow together! Bear in mind that I made over $800 profit running this group ONCE online - if you run one series of the group, you'll have already made back more than double your investment!


The beta testing group will be small (less than ten people) and limited to occupational therapy practitioners only; I've had interest from other professionals who would like to participate, but I'm keeping this exclusive to OTs as I believe our dual training in physical and mental health makes us perfect to deliver this program.

How do I sign up or get more information?

As long as there are still places (registration times will be limited!) you can sign up to receive more information here, and receive a FREE maternal health resource list which you can use with your clients (and find some amazing reading material for yourself!):

Sign up for your FREE resource and to hear more about the course:

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