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Local Resources & Deals For New Parents

Sometimes, as a new parent, we just need a break. Or a treat.

Or SOMETHING to make us feel human again!

Here are my favorite resources to help you feel sane as a new parent - sometimes we need to invest in, and care for, ourselves so that we feel resourced and ready to parent.

Mother and Baby on Floor

For Mom

A Mother’s Guide to Managing Anxiety, Exhaustion, and Overwhelm During the Holidays

This 30-minute, pre-recorded webinar from occupational therapist Anna Gallup, is packed with realistic and actionable ways to set boundaries, maintain self-care, and manage the stress that we often take on and feel during the holidays. In addition, you’ll be guided through an exercise to determine what you want most from the holiday season and how to take steps towards that goal.

This course will be available to us for the reduced price of $19 (mention you saw this on the Nurture OT website) and you’ll have access to the content for 90 days. Please reach out to get on the waitlist or to find out more information to

Stress Management

If you're looking to recharge, reset and recalibrate, this FREE Chaos To Clarity mini -course will help guide you to access your inner wisdom, and move to stillness and reconnection, instead of rushing and just surviving this year. The course leader, Karlien, has the most relaxing voice! The format of one short video a day is completely manageable, because let's face it, who has time for a full-length course right now?!

Access this for free through this link:

Baby sleeping.png

For Baby

I'm going to keep this section short, because people are generally great at buying things for babies!

However, I had to include the wonderful GlossyDots Baby in this list.

Check out their amazing range of high quality baby accessories, including bibs, burp cloths, blankets, towels and clothing (and see if you can spot my youngest modeling for them. Spoiler: she's the cheeky little monkey wearing a purple bunny bandana bib!). These are the only bibs I used with my own two daughters, they're so soft and absorbent. Get 20% off with code holiday20:

Happy Family

For The Whole Family

Sometimes a gift to yourself is a gift to the whole family! Check out these local resources to support yourself and your little(s):

Learn With Less Baby & Toddler Books

I can't write this list without mentioning the lovely Ayelet Marinovich over at Learn With Less. An SLP by trade, her amazing Understanding Your Baby and Understanding Your Toddler books have helped thousands of parents to find developmentally appropriate activities for their little ones. I recommend these books ALL THE TIME in my Growing Together mom and baby classes. And you can currently buy them both for less than the cost of two coffees! Here's the link:

Baby Notebook App

Who here has a half (or not even half!) finished baby book?

*sheepishly puts up own hand*

This wonderful app, developed by two sisters who are moms themselves, takes away the stress around putting together a baby book. It helps you to remember milestones and quickly upload images and text, which are then turned into a beautiful baby book. They recently launched, and I wish this had been available when my babies were tiny!

Little Elf Family Resilience Coaching

If you're feeling like you're struggling with resentment since your little one arrived, and you're feeling like you're not being heard in your relationship (with your partner or your child), Lara Elfstrand may be just who you need. Her coaching packages and classes help support couples and families, strengthening bonds and helping you to fall in love with parenting again. She currently has a promotion which includes an amazing FREE Gottman Institute parent and marriage class when you book a coaching package! Check it out:

I hope you've found this list helpful - I truly include only the resources that I think will benefit new parents. Let's invest in our own health and wellness this holiday season!

Stay Well,


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