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Childcare Professionals

You spend all your time caring for others; but who is going to care for you so that you can do your job without getting injured?


 Working in a caring profession is incredibly rewarding. We see the children we work with growing and developing everyday.  Childcare is a wonderful vocation, but it can also be very hard on the body. Professionals working in this field often report injuries including back pain, issues with knee function, and hand/wrist injuries including 'Mother's Thumb' (DeQuervain's tenosynovitis) and carpal tunnel syndrome.


We need to stay healthy so we can best serve our clients, and also have a good quality of life outside of work. Doctors may be able to give you some information on these topics, however Nurture Occupational Therapy can offer training tailored to your needs, to ensure you can complete the tasks you want or need to do each day. By seeking education in this area, we can stop injuries from happening so that you are not having to take time off from work to heal from preventable injuries.  Nurture Occupational Therapy offers training in a 1:1 setting, or group trainings at your facility. 

Please contact Nurture Occupational Therapy to discuss your needs and to book your training.

Children and Teacher in Kindergarten
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