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Growing Together
Mum and Baby Group

Baby's Grasp

Infant Development, Connection & Self Care for Mums & Babies


Congratulations - baby's here! 


The only problem: it feels like a cute, tiny bombshell has been dropped into your life.

Nothing is the same, everything is unrecognisable.

It's amazing, it's incredible, but it's HARD.

What do you need as a new mama? Honestly? Other than sleep?

  • Mama friends, who understand what you're going through, because they're going through it too.

  • Someone to ask all those little questions to (because you don't want to bug your doctor. And Dr Google just ends up freaking us all out).

  • Evidence-based information on how to look after your new body, and support your baby's development

What if that was all available to you, without you even having to leave your house?

A non-judgmental space where you can come as you are, be yourself, and work out what kind of parent you want to be?

You're in luck - it already exists!

That's what Growing Together Mum & Baby Group is all about!

This 7 week group program for mums and babies is a practical guide on infant development, play and self care for mums. 

Come meet like-minded mums in a relaxed, non-judgmental space. 

We’ve even planned a whole week devoted to making new connections. Week 4 is our unique ‘Coffee and Chat’ week where you get to know your new mum squad. 

What we'll be covering:

  • How to help your baby develop their skills


  • How to make tummy time fun rather than stressful


  • How to look after your body and mind as a parent: posture, ergonomics to avoid injuries, core and pelvic floor rehab, and more


  • Judgment-free support and advice on common parenting concerns such as teething, baby sleep patterns, introducing solids, digestion and feeding issues

  • Meet new mum friends who know exactly what you're going through - because they're experiencing the same things!


  • Incorporating realistic self care into the activities you already do


  • How you can return successfully to the activities you love

The class is for expectant mums in their third trimester through to when baby is 6 months old.

What this isn't:

This isn't a drop-in, come once and never see the same people again kind of class. This is where you get the connection and camaraderie you've been looking for as a new mum. 

This also isn't me, as a professional, telling you how to be a mum. In this group, we value discussion and sharing ideas, so that you can make your own informed decisions that feel right for you and your baby.

What Mums Are Saying About Growing Together ...

Young mother in home office with computer and her daugher.jpg

CJ, Mum of a 3 month old

I learned a lot about caring for baby and myself, but the best thing was connecting with other mums . . . we even set up a chat group so we can keep in touch after the class is over.

Growing Together logo.png

Thank you so much for the wonderful class. It was perfect, and I wish it was almost a requirement for new parents to have to take it.

Mother Working from Home

ST, Mum to a 6 week old

I loved this class and was so happy to be a part of it so early on in my motherhood journey. It was exactly what I needed to feel empowered and supported during this time.

NV, Mum of a 2 month old

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Thanks for joining us!

''Being a new mum has really taken over my life - this class helped me to feel like myself again''

NT, Mum of 5 month old



What will I learn in Growing Together Group?


For Baby:


  • Tummy time, sensory experiences, massage, calming activities, songs and activities that support development. 


  • Easy-to-implement strategies for reflux, gas, breast and bottle feeding issues, teething, sleep patterns, use of baby equipment and introducing solids.


  • We also discuss developmental milestones and how to use movement patterns to support progression. 


For Mum

It's easy to feel like you have no time for yourself as a new mum. We focus on 'do-able' self care, that won't take up extra time in your day, including:

  • How to strengthen your body through stretches, breathing exercises, and safe core and pelvic floor exercises. 


  • Practice healthy alignment and posture so you feel balanced and pain-free. 


  • Learn to avoid injuries, including ergonomic tips to hold your baby and use baby equipment (like pushchairs, carrier, and car seat) with less strain on your body! 


  • We’ll also show you how to make time in your schedule for the activities you value, though time management strategies and setting boundaries.

Do I have to come every week? What if I'm late?

If you're unable to make one of the sessions (sometimes life happens!), you'll be send an email summarising what we discussed in class, and handouts from the session. We encourage you to come for as much of the session as you can - but even if you only make it for the last 15 minutes, you'll still be able to connect with the other mums and gain some new information.


If you don't see your question here, I’m just a quick email away! Send your question to and we’ll get you a response within 24 hours.

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