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Let's Get Your Business Started!

What Does This Program Cover?

Your ideal client

Who exactly is your ideal client, and what do they need? Let's do some market research before we dive in to starting your business

The practicalities

What do you actually need to do to set up a business? We cover the legalities that you HAVE to consider

Marketing & confidence

Let's get the word out to the clients that need you! Marketing isn't always a therapist's favorite activity, so we'll learn about how to make it less painful and scary :)


Doing things on our own is hard. The group format of this program gives you a ready-made set of new OT business besties, who are there to cheer you on and commiserate during those tough times

How Is The Program Delivered?

The are two important aspects to the OT Business School;

the information, and the connection.

You need the information on how to start your business. Let's face it - you could try and figure this out all yourself, because you're a super smart occupational therapist.


But that takes time, and energy.

The information on how to start your business will be provided through the MemberVault platform, which stores modules for you to access at your own pace. You'll have access to this information for as long as the product exists.

On to my favorite part: the connection.

We will have weekly accountability video calls (these will be recorded if you can't attend live) to deliver additional content, keep you accountable, and get that sense of community that's SO important in the (sometimes lonely) world of being an entrepreneur.

You will also have access to a supportive Facebook community, where you can ask questions, and network with other OTs who are going through the same process as you.

So What's The Investment?

Women Colleagues

Getting started in business is expensive! We want to support as many OTs as possible to realize their dreams of starting their own business, so we're keeping the investment affordable.

This four week program, with weekly group calls and a supportive community, will be $197.

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