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Fitness Professionals

Ever wonder why your clients who are parents don't return to your service? Do you want to make sure you are training new moms in a way that's safe for their body?


 Working in health and fitness is incredibly rewarding. Seeing a client meet their goals is what keeps us going. We want to help people maximize their potential and get results. 

Working with new parents can be hard. They have limited time, and new moms are coping with many changes to their body. Diastasis recti, prolapse and posture issues are common in this population. Have you ever wondered why postnatal clients may not return to your service, resulting in lost revenue? And how you can support these clients to meet their goals without picking up injuries? 

Nurture Occupational Therapy offers training to fitness professionals who are looking for information on how to safely train new moms, where to start when assessing the postnatal body, what red flags you might see, and when to refer on to other specialist services to keep your clients safe and healthy. This can include how to modify exercises so your clients are working towards their goals without putting too much stress on their body. Your clients will thank you for your knowledgeable approach to their issues, and your bank balance will thank you for the repeat business and referrals from satisfied customers.


Nurture Occupational Therapy offers training in a 1:1 setting, or group training at your facility. 

Please contact Nurture Occupational Therapy to discuss your needs and to book your training.

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