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Growing Together: Mom and Baby Group

Infant Development, Play and Self Care for Moms and Babies


Join this unique, holistic six week group run by a pediatric & maternal health occupational therapist:


  • To learn how to help your baby grow and develop their skills

  • To make tummy time and play with your baby easy

  • To learn how to look after your body and mind as a parent: ergonomics, core and pelvic floor rehab, and more

  • To cope with mommy pain points such as teething, baby sleep patterns, introducing solids, digestion and feeding issues

  • To find out how you can return successfully to the activities you love


Topics include:


For Baby:

Tummy time, sensory experiences, massage, calming activities, songs and activities that support development. Discuss developmental milestones and how to use movement patterns to support progression. Moms will learn strategies for baby’s reflux, gas, breast and bottle feeding issues, teething, sleep patterns, use of baby equipment and how to introduce solids.


For Mom:

Strengthening your body through stretches, breathing exercises, and safe core and pelvic floor exercises. Working on alignment and posture so you feel balanced and pain-free. How to avoid injuries and hold your baby without feeling the strain. Ergonomics tips for safe use of baby equipment including stroller, carrier, car seat and baby seating options. Managing your time and maintaining your mental health.


Please contact Nurture Occupational Therapy for upcoming class dates and locations.